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This page is for Drivers. Looking for a stable, steady income. Need cash, yesterday. We can help. Get in touch with us and you have a job. Not so fast, Charlie.

Driver Requirements:

  • Illinois Drivers License and clean driving record. I know clean is very vague. Ok, clean generally means NO DUI in the past 5 years, NO suspension/revocation/reckless driving conviction in the last 5 years. And for the record, we follow the guidelines set by the City of Naperville and our BIG FAT Insurance company.
  • NO Felonies in the previous 7 years. NO Misdemeanors in the previous 2 years.
  • Residence within Dupage county, at a minimum, is required. Residence within 5 miles of Naperville is preferred.
  • You'll need to dress appropriately. Neither us nor our customers are interested in seeing any sort of fungally infected toes, body hair (besides facial and your scalp [in case you have any]). You get my point. And yes, please use a deodrant. I recommend OLD SPICE.
  • SMOKING is not allowed in any of our taxis. If you do have to smoke, please step outside the taxi, light a cigarette, destroy your lungs and chew a peppermint gum or something and then get back in the taxi. BTW, I smoke too. It's bad man, VERY BAD. For the record, I have never felt like the MARLBORO MAN.
  • We are not pro-anorexia! If u must EAT, please do so outside the taxi. NO one likes the smell of stale burgers, old burritos and decaying leftover deli sandwiches. In fact, here's some unofficial advice: Eat light or eat before/after the shift. Trust me, in my 10+ years of taxi driving, I've had several dispatchers get MAD at me, for valid reasons I must add. Reason # 1: I'm sorry I can't take that ride because I have to go to the washroom.
  • Driver must be able to speak and understand English. NO, we are not racist, anti-immigrant, whatever. In fact, we have several immigrants working with and for us. And an even higher number of happy customers who happent to be immigrants. We just feel English should be the common ingredient in the melting pot of America.


Driver Essentials:

  1. 8 x 11 Notebook, pen or pencil, magnifying glass, cell phone with text messaging, flash light, IPASS, chicago airport stamps.
  2. 7 county map book ( American MAP Corp only) or GPS.

Sound like the job you want? Feel free to call us at 630-355-4949